Pokhara: Back Then In 90s


When I think of the old days, it feels like I was in an imaginary world. Life was different back then in the 90s. There was no internet or mobile phones. Only a few individuals in the neighborhood used to have a television in their homes. And everyone from the neighborhood used to go there to watch the programs.

In general, the Hindi TV series Mahabharata and the WWF were so popular in those days. Back then, in the 90s, Pokhara was not as dense as it is now. There were few houses and more open fields. The road used to be empty.

Back then, in the 90s, in Pokhara

Back then, Purnima Cinema Hall was the top cinema hall. The ticket counter used to be overcrowded. There were no lines, no rules. Only the toughest ones were able to grab the tickets. Back then, only the post office was the means of communication. So, the Hulak Bhawan, in Mahendra Pool, also used to be very crowded.

Moreover, telephones were rare. Only a few houses used to have it. Thus, writing a letter was the only choice for most people to communicate with their relatives and friends.

90s Music

Almost all pop songs released in the 90s are the best songs in the history of the Nepali music industry. Most of the renowned bands are from Pokhara. Many pop bands formed and released their albums in the 90s.

Nepathya, Kandara, Bro-sis, Madhyanna, Deurali, Namaste, 061, etc. were the top bands back then. While the Nepathya band and the Kandara band are still on top and continuing their musical journey, other bands have now disappeared.

Musical concerts and shows were held most of the time during the whole year. There used to be a Woodstock music festival every year in Bashundhara park, Lakeside, Pokhara.

Ishor Gurung, the vocalist from the Namaste Band, was the founder of the event. Artists from all over Nepal used to be invited to the show to perform at the festival. The festival used to be huge. It was like a hippie era.


There were only a few nightclubs back then. Nightclubs used to open till 12 a.m. Planet Z, Lotus, and Paradiso were the top nightclubs in those days. Teenagers, back then, used to organize dance parties in those clubs by selling tickets to their friends and friends of friends.

Moreover, the high school students of the morning faculty used to organize parties in the morning time. They used to call it a “bunk party. All the students from several High schools used to attain the party, early in the morning in the school uniform. That was really dope.

The Late 90s

Later on, in the late 90s, the internet arrived. Cybercafés were opened in various places in Pokhara. Onyx Cybercafé and Station Cybercafé were the popular cybercafés in those days. Nepal Messenger, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger were the top chatting apps back then.

Later, in 1999, R.A.B.A.N (Restaurant and Bar Association Nepal) organized a huge event in Lakeside, Pokhara. They called it the “street festival.” The festival used to be held for up to 5 days.

In general, the main aim of the festival was to promote Pokhara and the tourism of Nepal. Since then, the street festival is celebrated every year in Pokhara, Nepal.

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