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5 Basic Google AdSense Approval Tips In 2023

5 Basic Google AdSense Approval Tips In 2022

AdSense Approval Tips For Beginners

Well, the number of people applying for AdSense has become saturated nowadays. In fact, after the COVID-19 epidemic, more people are focusing on online earning schemes.

As a result, people are trying their skills and luck on various online platforms. However, it is quite hard to get AdSense approval for beginners nowadays. The competition has gotten quite tough.

In general, blogging is one of the best choices to earn money online. Since Google AdSense is the best ad network to work with. Undoubtedly, everyone wants to go for Google AdSense.

However, there are certain criteria and policies, in order to get approval for Google AdSense in 2023.

Therefore, if you are able to follow these designated conditions, then you will be able to monetize your website with Google AdSense. Some basic rules and steps that you need to follow for AdSense approval are listed below.

5 Basic AdSense Approval Tips

  1. Domain Age

The first important thing that you must do is to buy a domain and web hosting in order to get Google AdSense approval in 2022. Well, there are lots of web hosting companies. Among the lists, WebHostNepal is one of the finest hosting providers.

The cost of a domain name starts at NPR 1300 per year, whilst the cost of hosting options ranges from NPR 1000 to NPR 10,000 per year.

AdSense approval in Nepal

Furthermore, Hostinger is one of the best hosting companies globally, so you can go with them. There are several features and prices for specific domains. Choose the one that is suitable for your blog.

Verify your site in Google Search Console. There are two ways to verify, by domain name or by URL. Make sure that your posts are indexed in the Google Search Console. In addition, your domain must be at least one month old, before you apply for AdSense. If possible, try to create your own site logo.

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2. Basic Pages

You need to add some basic pages to your site, such as Privacy Policy, About Us, Contact Us, Terms & Conditions, and Disclaimer. There are several websites where you can generate these pages for free. Besides, you need to make the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) privacy policies compulsory on your privacy page.

Furthermore, write in brief about yourself and your website on the About Us page. Make sure to enable the comment section on your website. Moreover, you can make email ID, address, and phone number optional for users while using your website.

3. Number Of Articles

You must write at least 30 to 35 articles before you apply for AdSense approval. Your articles must be unique and valuable. This means writing on topics that most people have not written about or are not found in a huge number of searches on Google.

The minimum length required for the article is 600 words. However, try to extend some of your articles up to 800 to 1000+ words. Make sure there are no grammatical errors in your articles.

AdSense approval tips in 2022
AdSense approval

Do not try to copy & paste, or use a text spinner, to create an article. Also, do not use images from copyright-free websites either. Use your own images in your articles. Moreover, try to write SEO-friendly articles.

Moreover, try to use long-tail keywords in your articles. Make sure to create the best titles, headings, and sub-headings in your articles. In addition, your content should comply with the AdSense Program Policies.

4. Mobile-Friendly Themes And Proper Navigation

You do not need fancy and expensive themes for your website to get AdSense approval. Use mobile-friendly themes for your website, which you can get free on WordPress. Make sure the theme you are using is recently updated.

Furthermore, manage proper navigation for your site. Make sure to add categories, a primary menu, and a sub-menu to your website, so that users can easily interact with it. Furthermore, you can add your social media links to your website.

5. Basic Plugins

You need to install a few basic plugins on your WordPress. Yoast SEO and Google Site Kit are the most needed plugins that will help to boost your website. In fact, after installing the Google Site Kit, you do not need to insert or install the AdSense code manually.

AdSense Approval Tips
Best tips for AdSense approval

You can install several plugins to boost your website, like image optimizers, file compressors, caching plugins, and many more. However, make sure to check the ratings and compatibility before installing any plugins. You can install the GDPR cookie consent plugin as well. Additionally, you can add a sitemap and robots.txt to your website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does it take for AdSense to be approved?

You may receive an AdSense response at any moment. AdSense responses can come in as quickly as 24 to 48 hours, but typically they take up to two weeks.

How much traffic do you need for AdSense approval?

Generally, there are no such criteria mentioned by AdSense regarding the site’s traffic. However, it is better to gain a little traffic before you apply for AdSense.

How many times can you apply for AdSense?

AdSense does not impose any such limitations. You are free to submit as many applications as you’d like, but before doing so, please consider the reasons your site was refused. Spend some time fixing the errors, then re-apply.

How do I know if my website is approved for AdSense?

You will receive an email to your Gmail account from which you applied. You may also verify by signing in to your AdSense account. If your site has been approved, the site status will change to “Ready.”


Well, these are some basic requirements that you need to follow in order to get AdSense approval. And, if you have, be sure to remove other third-party ad networks before applying for AdSense. Basically, it takes a week or more to get a reply from the AdSense team.

Therefore, it is better to keep posting until you receive an e-mail from the Google AdSense team. This will have a positive impact on your website. If you get rejected for the first time, then re-check and fix the issues that are affecting your site and re-apply.

We believe you have a good understanding of the above-mentioned AdSense approval tips. If you adhere to the advice given above, you will undoubtedly get AdSense approval this time. We wish you luck!

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